Choosing the right channel

Some things never change – like the consumer need for transparency, value and performance. But for other things, change is inevitable – such as the channels you can use to keep your brand front-of-mind with customers.

To make it easier for you to jump onto the right bandwagons, here’s the Magnum summary of marketing trends.

To tweet or not to tweet, that’s the question

The idea that you need to Tweet your every business move, blog incessantly and have thousands of fans on Facebook is dead. Social media for business is about meaningful connections with people who are truly loyal to your business. Quality not quantity.

Develop relevant social media connections

Businesses can create relevant social media interactions with channels like YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn. And if you’re in the knowledge business, a regular blog instalment can certainly keep your profile up. Make sure your website home page contains links to your social media activity, so that customers can choose the channel they like the best. Statistics show that companies are shifting budget dollars away from traditional media (print, radio, TV) to digital and social media. We’re living in an online world.

Love your database

Clean and preen your database – that’s where true gold is hidden. Direct mail is stronger than ever, because it’s harder to ignore than an email contact. Pursue opportunities for versioning – DM works better when you send text and images that are targeted to your customer’s interests and needs. The importance of developing an engaging shareable brand increases everyday.

Mobile marketing is all go

Imagine getting a push text message from your local cafe as you stroll past – free muffin with your coffee? Who could resist! Branded mobile apps and mobile marketing apps, like Foursquare, are using geo-targeting to lure the customers in. Local discount websites like Grabone and review sites like Localist make it easy for consumers to find deals and reviews on their phones. Going home to ‘Google it’ has become a thing of the past.

Quirky little QR codes

Weird little square things with squiggles – that’s what QR codes are. But to a phone with a QR code reader, they’re a mine of information. QR codes can be like business cards, loaded with basic info about your business or product. Or they can be used with promotions – details about competitions and how to enter. We did a QR code concept for HP recently: a code was affixed to a Mini car and passers-by could scan the code to enter a competition and win an HP Mini notebook. Cool!

Say it with video

While television advertising continues to decline, moving pictures are very much alive. Hosted on your website or YouTube, videos can demonstrate your product or service, provide training experiences and introduce your people. You can even create video newsletters. Whether you use live footage, animation or a slide-show, videos can revolutionise your communication. Cisco predicts that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2015.

Co-marketing to boost returns

The economy is still recovering, which means businesses can benefit from economies of scale by partnering with complementary businesses to develop co-marketing programmes. Promotional partnerships can reduce costs and provide exposure to new audiences.

Can’t be bothered?

Remember, even if you’re not leveraging new marketing trends and opportunities, your competitors are!Contact us to find out more new forms of marketing –