• Fujitsu & HP Convergence DM

Fujitsu & HP Convergence DM

Magnum recently designed and produced a joint venture direct mailer for HP and Fujitsu.

The DM initiative was designed to appeal to CIOs and CEOs of Enterprise businesses that are faced with the challenges of managing rich media on legacy network architecture that is limited, fragile and expensive to operate.

Enter HPs FlexNetwork open architecture - deployed and optimised by Fujitsu - and you have a compelling argument to switch and see massive savings and ROI.

Magnum distilled this information into an engaging and easy to read compendium of quick facts and comprehensive white papers and studies that left no doubt in the reader's mind that the numbers stacked up in favour of a switch.

The large-format, oversized DM pack could 'not be missed' on the recipient's desk and included a strong use of infographics, statistics, supportive brochures and a classic HP calculator to help convey the benefits of a strategic HP/Fujitsu partnership.