5 viral campaigns we love

May. 22 2012  Paul Oliver  Creative Director
From transforming your co-workers into dance masters to a parking ticket you'd love to receive, these viral ad campaigns all have one thing in common: they're FUN and they entertain. Enjoy.

Just Dance 3 - Autodance

To celebrate the launch of Just Dance 3, Ubisoft teamed up with agency CP+B to prove that there's a dancer within us all. The result is a clever mobile app that syncs your moves with a selection of tracks, creating fun little videos and allowing you to share them with the world.

Your daily dose of drama

Would you press the big red button? TNT Belgium banked on the curiosity of passersby and brought a whole host of drama to this quiet city square.

Have a Tic Tac, save the world

We can't help but feel bad for the unsuspecting victims of what may be the world's most elaborate and inventive flashmob. An absolutely spectacular concept that lends itself perfectly to the viral video format.

The bill or the dishes?

Imagine the surprise of these restaurant-goers when they're given the option of washing their dishes instead of paying their bill. A simple concept for Scotch-Brite, executed with humour and in a setting that matches the product to its target market.

The parking ticket that pays

"Boom! Welcome to Brighton."  In this T-Mobile viral hit, motorists in a seaside English town are given instant parking tickets, with hilarious results. We won't ruin the surprise so make sure you watch till the end!