Helping HP reach a whole new market

HP wanted to boost sales of computer accessories to families spending up large in the back-to-school frenzy. But getting shoppers to notice its laptop bags, mice, keyboards and headphones in crowded, large-format stores would be no easy task.

HP would also need to coordinate deliveries to all 65 Warehouse stores around New Zealand, and make sure all products were displayed to their best advantage.

So Magnum deployed some lateral thinking

We designed a unique HP stand that attractively displayed all their back-to-school products. This stand-alone unit was built with wheels, so it could be pushed into place rather than painstakingly assembled and manhandled by time-poor Warehouse employees.

We worked closely with our logistics partner, Mailshop, to ensure each stand was delivered pre-stocked with HP products. This made life even easier for the retailers - all they had to do was wheel the stand into position and watch the products fly off the shelves.

Bringing it all together

Because Magnum was able to design the stand, coordinate production and manage all the logistics of distribution, HP could focus on its strategic imperatives rather than being distracted by executional details. All the client had to do was arrange bulk delivery of products to our logistics partner. Magnum took care of everything else.

As a long-term brand partner of HP, Magnum was able to ensure the in-store merchandising was fully compliant with global brand standards.

The campaign went live in February 2015, just in time to catch Kiwi mums and dads shopping for back-to-school supplies at their local Red Shed.

Stand-out sales figures

Our unique approach enabled HP to lift its presence in New Zealand's largest general merchandise retailer, with sales well up on the equivalent time a year ago. All in all, the campaign enabled HP to showcase stock valued at six figures via a strongly branded merchandise display within a major retail channel.

It's been such a success that HP is in talks with other retailers about custom-designed stands, and the company is looking at rolling out similar initiatives in overseas markets.

Magnum arranged stocking and delivery to every Warehouse store.


One bulk delivery of all HP products to a single site - Magnum managed all other logistics.


Value of HP stock sold through Warehouse merchandising stands in first 4 weeks.