TVC, Press Advertising
“In developing our national retail brand, STIHL SHOP, we do not have the luxury of a big in-house marketing team but what we have is the phenomenal reassurance that our agency not only understands our brand but really gets our business.

Right from the brand’s infancy we have had Magnum alongside us, making sure we do what’s best for STIHL SHOP and our members. Magnum’s commitment has been unwavering and has played such a critical part in our success today. We are passionate about our results to date and it’s easy to see that Magnum shares that passion.”
Phil Weedon
Group Manager, STIHL SHOP
STIHL German manufacturer of chainsaws and handheld equipmentSTIHL German manufacturer of chainsaws and handheld equipment
We were asked to galvanise the market with a major new product range. We had two months from briefing to launch date. We did it with time to spare.
STIHL German manufacturer of chainsaws and handheld equipment
The independent retailers at STIHL SHOP are passionate about outdoor power equipment. We like their style.
In an era of constant pressure on margins and relentless competition from Asian imports, STIHL SHOP’s strategy is to build a market advantage through specialist dealers who offer know-how and service.

Expertise as a brand platform

Using the communication platform of ‘Should have talked to STIHL SHOP’, Magnum developed a humorous brand ad for television that showed a likeable, but rather ignorant, homeowner who attempts to use his chainsaw like an axe. This ad provided the basis for a hardworking donut execution that allows the insertion of promotional offers.

An example of great results

The decision to invest in a television campaign has paid dividends. Awareness of the STIHL SHOP value proposition is now significantly higher. In Easter 2010, one flight of promotional television advertising (using the donut version of the brand ad) led to a 69% boost in sales of STIHL blower vacs.