Getting results in retail

Our process for getting results in retail (physical or online) begins with defining your business goals and opportunities. Where do you want your business to be six months from now, a year from now, two years from now, five years from now?

What do they want?
Next step is to thoroughly understand customer behaviours, needs and wants. What emotional cues do they respond to? How much rationalising do they do before purchase? This exploratory process can identify points for improvement and help us to get inside the minds of existing and potential customers. With your help, we also analyse competitor positions to reveal opportunities and niche markets that you could capture.

Optimising the shopping experience
For retail success, it’s important to develop in store brand presence, effective point-of-sale and a functional retail experience. Ground zero is your physical and/or online store. If the customer shopping experience can’t deliver the advertising promise, results won’t materialise. Recognise the questions that customers need answered before they can decide to purchase. Innovative point-of-sale can provide much of the required information; fully-enabled sales people can fill in the gaps; a streamlined check-out experience clinches the deal.

Pulling them in
Driving people to your store is the final component in the retail success story. With our help you can review your advertising behaviours, based on what you now know about the market, your customers and the opportunities. A Magnum-made refresh or total reinvention of media strategy and creative executions will feed the results machine. Retail can be a fickle sector, so change can get you noticed again.