A results-driven agency that understands the power of branding

Your brand communicates who you are, what you do and why it matters. Magnum’s experience with brand creation and evolution can ensure you set the right platform from which to sing your brand story.

We work strategically to capture the essence of your brand and bring it to life through a compelling set of marketing communications.

Our process for brand creation & evolution

1. Investigate the current situation

What defines your brand in the marketplace? What real estate do you already own in the hearts and minds of your target audience?

If you have a truthful picture of your brand’s current position, we can move onto the next step. If you’re simply making educated guesses about how things stand right now, targeted research can reveal the information you need to drive results.

2. Differentiate your brand

What brand attributes would help you to gain market ground? What design adjustments need to be made to support these attributes?

At this point your brand can change and evolve, so that it’s in a position to increase its market share. Your visual brand should always be supported by a written brand proposition that expresses your differentiation.

3. Design and implement

Your new or refreshed brand will flow through every aspect of your communications strategy, from copywriting and design to online presence and functionality.

Often budget and operations constraints mean that rebranding projects can’t be implemented all at once. We can work with you to tactically roll out each component, where and when it suits.